Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monkey see, monkey do

So, what could possibly possess a "normal" person to start a blog at this time? Everyone knows there are far more blogs than readers out there.

I think the reason is simply that I am a monkey! Well, at least a biped of sorts. You have to hand it to the monkeys, they have no restrictions what so ever about "copying" other peoples (or bipeds, whatever) work. In that sense, I am a monkey (probably more than just that sense, but I won't go there now). I sift through the internet to find an example matching my current task. I am lazy, I am good at searching the net, and I am good at adopting code. At least good enough to make a living of it.

And the blog? It's time for this monkey to give something back. Even if people don't read blogs like they used to (everybody busy writing their own and all), the text becomes public and just a few keystrokes away in your favorite search engine. Even my own work for myself, which is not such a stupid idea for someone like me.

What really prompted me to do this was this thing called Oracle Application Express (Apex). Working with the product (which is great!) proved significantly more easy than I am used to. Why? The community surrounding the product! Let's face it, Apex does not get the support from sales that it deserves, so the community surrounding it has risen to the occasion. This is what we expect to see from the Java community, but seldom see in the more closed world of Oracle (even if that has changed these past few years). I like the "make each other better"-approach!

So, this blog will ramble on about this Apex thingy and technology surrounding it.

Think you could learn something from a monkey? Happy reading!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging OraMonkey!

  2. @oraclenerd

    Thank you, I have been following your blog for quite some time!

    Figured it was room for one more ;-)