Tuesday, July 7, 2009

XSL Transformation in Oracle Apex

I recently explored some of the XML capabilities of the Oracle database, and I must say it has matured quite a bit since I last looked at it (Oracle 8i).

Using XMLTRANSFORM-function
It is a powerful function which acts as a full XSLT processor. The syntax is simple:

Both input parameters must be of type xmltype. By having XML/XSL stored as xmltype, or casting it to xmltype with the corresponding function, you in effect ensure the structure of the xml-documents are intact.

Read the documentation for more information. I know it can be boring, but also quite giving (from time to time, at least...). While you are at it, why not click "Previous" or "Next" on the documentation pages to view the other XML-functions?

Sample application
Well, "application" is just a bit overstated, what I do have is an Oracle Apex application page. I have created a quick and easy front end to the XSL transformation. Just paste your XML and XSL into the corresponding text areas, and click button Transform to view the result.

If the transformation fails, the error message will be returned in the display area.

Try out the transformation, and get a detailed description of the code involved in my sample application.

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