Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Notes

Just a bit of housekeeping.

APEX 4.0 Builder Hotkeys
This is just a quick note on the APEX 4.0 Builder Hotkeys. I have updated the script because not all previous/next buttons were included in the last version. Alt + PageUp/PageDown should now give the right response.

You can download and install the script here:

Installation instructions can be found here:

Ye Olde Sample App still working! I just went through the Application Upgrade and changed the theme while at it. I even updated the Google Maps example. ("Updated" sound so much better than "fixed a bug". Quick solutions will make you do that...) This application will probably not be updated anytime soon. There are a few more elaborate examples I had in mind, but then there is this "time"-thing all over again. Exploring APEX 4.0 is at the top of my spare time roster for now.

The application will be left alone for the time being, and can be found here:

Summer Vacation
Finally, my last day of work before I start my summer vacation. One of the nicer benefits as a worker in Norway, is the length of paid vacation established by national law. I guess this is not so normal for Americans.

True story from the ODTUG Kaleidoscope this year. An American guy comes up to me with his friend, and after introductions the following conversation takes place:
Him: So, you're from Norway?
Me: Yep!
Him: Could you tell my colleague here how much paid vacation you guys have?
Me: Five weeks!
Friend: ... (going through the whole stunned jaw dropping improvised look)

Cheers :-)

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