Friday, October 21, 2011

Updated Hotkeys for APEX 4.1

I finally got around to updating the hotkeys userscript for Application Express 4.1. There were some changes in the APEX Builder html that made an update necessary.
Cool image by Josef Stuefer, available by CC BY 2.0
I have to say, that after I started using shortcut keys in the builder I never looked back. These days I get confused when developing in a browser where the script is not installed.

The script can be downloaded here:

Just click the big green Install-button, and you can start using it. The script is tested with Google Chrome, but should work equally well with Firefox.

The keys are the same old:

  • F8: Run Page
  • F9: Apply Changes
  • Alt + F9: Clicks the highlighted button
  • Shift + F9: Cancel
  • Alt + PageDown: Next
  • Alt + PageUp: Previous
  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Shared Components
  • Ctrl + Shift + E: Edit Page
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z: Toggle return to page on/off

If you disagree with the key mapping; then change them! The source is there for the changing :-)

If there are any grievous errors, then do not hesitate to call...

The old hotkeys userscript for APEX 4.0 is still available here:


  1. Hi, great to see you blogging about Apex again! I thought it was all about ADF for you these days... :-)

    I tried the userscript for Apex 4.0, and I'm sure it can save me a great deal of mouse clicks (especially the one for going to Shared Components).

    But I noticed that Ctrl + Shift + Z does not work on the "Edit Region" page. The checkbox there is called "F4000_P4651_STAY_0", not "RETURN_TO_PAGE" as referenced in the script (although that works on the "Edit Template" page, for example). I could probably fix/add this on my own, but it would be even better if you fix the "official" version.

    - Morten

  2. I am ashamed now... I had actually corrected the script locally, and forgot to update the version at My bad :-(

    The updated version should work much better, but alas, I have no 4.0 version to test it on right now.


    PS: It IS all about ADF now, more on that later ;)

  3. Here are some suggestions for extra hotkeys:

    * Ctrl + Shift + B: Shared Components, Breadcrumbs
    * Ctrl + Shift + T: Shared Components, Templates
    * Ctrl + Shift + L: Shared Components, Lists
    * Ctrl + Shift + V: Shared Components, List of Values
    * Ctrl + Shift + X: Shared Components, Translation

    Again, I could probably fix/add this on my own, but it would be even better if you fix the "official" version (both for 4.0 and 4.1...).

    - Morten