Saturday, October 22, 2011

Install, Rinse, Repeat

Every time I start installing Oracle on Linux I always end up with the same dark thoughts: Why does it have to be so hard! An the worst part is: It isn't! But let me be precise with the last statement: It isn't hard if you know how! But in the beginning, you don't, so it is... You get the picture.

On my last endeavor to create a shiny new VirtualBox machine, I decided to take notes. Here is what I aimed at:

Yes, both Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat present. I needed a versatile development vm, with a known (to me) web server, and a known (again, to me) web container working with APEX, the APEX Listener and Oracle 11g XE database.

There will be typos, there will probably most likely of course be things I have forgotten to write down. On the whole, I hope it will save you some grey hairs (or in my case, loss of gray hairs :-))

Beware, the iframe controls will not be very responsive before the document has completed loading, and the document is quite large. Go for the direct access if it gets too troublesome...

Direct access to the Google doc is here:

Here goes:


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for document.
    Do you see any benefit to use mod_jk instead of proxy or vise verse when "Bringing it together"?

    I have try write post about mod_jk


  2. @Jari

    I used mod_proxy_http because mod_jk was too much hassle. Nothing more to it really. I have used it in production for a year or so now with no incidents.

    Thank you for the article on mod_jk, there are too few posts concerning alternate APEX Listener setups around!

  3. Thanks,

    I will give it a try, but why do you choose the XE. I already have a Windows XE ond my Laptop and would choose a real 11gR2 as the dev environment. The OTN lizense will allow that as far as I understand, and I would like to try some advanced features during dev.

  4. @Martin

    You are right, "real" 11gR2 (as in Enterprise Edition?) is ok in development under OTN license.

    But what if your production database edition is 11gXE, would you really use 11gR2 EE in development?