Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updated Statement of Direction

...Of sorts. Actually, I did not even know I had one until now. But here goes:
My long absence from this blog are based on all the right reasons. Family. Life. You know, the things that matters. And some reasons slightly off. Like ADF. Yup, Oracle Application Development Framework. Just writing it out loud like that is probably going to make Dimitri's blog feed processor choke all over again, and get this blog instantly blacklisted from anything slightly PL/SQL related for all time.

The Old Road
My fascination with APEX has not diminished by far, and I hope to revisit extremelyproductivefundevelopingsmoothookingdatacentricapplications-land in the future. But for now, the "other" framework is more than enough.

The New Direction
Being a consultant will make you do strange things from time to time. This is one of those. Am I a Java-programmer? No. Do I know JSF? No. Am I a Groovy programmer? No. Am I at least proficient at Expression Language? No. How about ADF-skills? Well, some. I guess. Luckily, Oracle says I only need a week, or at least a day to become an expert. Hmm. I had to pass on OOW last year, due to a project using ADF... Catch 22 all over again.

I cannot say I am that sorry, actually. Learning new stuff (i.e. banging my head against a wall), and really trying to understand it (i.e. repeatedly), is part of my nature.

It was a professional change long overdue.

The Blog
I will continue to post my progress with ADF (or lack thereof) here, feel free to divert this blog from your favorite feed reader... Oh, and some APEX stuff will probably still make it here from time to time.

You can go wash your eyes now :D


  1. I'm not that radical anymore ;-)

    ADF has definitely some good fits and nice features and I even think you can use both APEX as ADF next to each other.

    Unless you prefer that I remove your blog from the aggregator, I'll keep it in. Will be nice to read on your progress learning ADF.

    All the best,

  2. @Dimitri

    Good to hear! Keep me in as long as you want, you are the one going to get all the off topic complaints :D

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